Party Dresses 2017 Collection By Tena Durrani


Tena Durrani has made new style Party dresses for Ladies 2017. Here you will see fantastic embroidery designs with different color combinations. She has launched her latest collection just because of the latest shadi season. She wants that her clients will be able to wear fashion outfits as early as possible. She can give you countless suggestions about fashion of dressing. Tena is always available for her respected customers. Girls are very excited to see and choose the pictures of Party Dresses collection 2017. The famous Pakistani designers are forced to launch stylish clothes with the beauty of latest fashion. There is very small difference between formal and party dress design. Apparently the clothes are looking very pretty and perfect. But they have very intricate work of stones, tilla, beads and many more things. In this collection you will find frocks and long shirts with lovely trousers. No doubt that Tena durrani is the best female artist of our fashion industry. tena durrani party dresses 2017


Best Party Dresses Images For Girls By Tena Durrani 2017

She is a well-known lady of Pakistan who is serving her companions. She has been started working in fashion house for last few years. Her links with her customers are becoming very strong day by day. Pakistani women are searching for pure traditional outfits with heavy embroidery. Our fashion industry has infinite designer shops for both men and women. Have a glance on designer party dresses for wedding 201701

In this arrival long and short length shirts are available with pajama and cigarette pants. Red looks amazing with yellow, white and orange shades. The above pic is red tail frock having embroidery of silver color. The addition of yellow dupatta is the best part of this dress. It looks very stylish with high heels. A printed patch is attached on the border line of long and gorgeous frock02






Tena has focused on red, gold and silver shades in this beautiful 2017 party dresses collection. She has not made only long shirts because trend does not repeat itself. She has also made medium and short length fancy dresses for women. Every good designer knows the range of his/her clients. Tena durrani has presented stunning outfits in different prices. She does not want to disappoint her brand lovers any more. Here you will find a mixture of different materials which are beautifully arranged. Check out Tena durrani party dresses 2017 gallery.



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